Separate a weak/pasted chick or no? Newbie advice, please?

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    May 13, 2016
    Hi, all! I have my first-ever brood of chicks (started with ten but lost one the first night [​IMG]). Eight of the nine remaining are super-energetic and growing like weeds but the ninth has pasty butt that is probably my fault for having the brooder too warm at first and keeping sugar water in too long. I cleaned her up as best I could again this morning and applied some olive oil to her vent but it looks like I maybe pulled some down off despite my best efforts. The chick is clearly at the bottom of the pecking order and is not as hardy as the others (hatchery says that Salmon Faverolles like her and the one that died are known for being weaker/more delicate chicks).

    Lady at TSC suggested adding electrolytes and probiotics to the water and separating that chick along with another who seems friendly to her. I added the two supplements but is separating them a good idea? The others pecked at the pasty one's rear once or twice after the cleaning but not recently. I've been watching and she's eating and drinking consistently and pretty much holding her own (though still being walked on/hopped over/pushed aside by the others). I have a spare ceramic heat bulb and supplies for a separate setup if necessary but I'm worried that separating them will lead to trouble down the line when I reintroduce them. I'm also thinking if I do separate them I should probably move the healthy ones rather than her and her friend so as not to stress her any more. Any thoughts or ideas? Feeling completely stupid and inept now, but will definitely feel evil if I lose this chick. Thanks so much!

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    Hi there.

    Welcome to BYC and the chicken-keeping world! I think you'll enjoy everything your birds will have to offer you...

    Sounds like you've done well so far with the chick. As long as it is able to pass feces and you are keeping an eye on any additional feces that collect, she should get over it sooner or later. As far as separation goes, I wouldn't separate her unless she becomes obviously miserable or the other chicks start to pick on her more consistently. In my experience, chickens who lose social contact with other poultry soon either get more sick, or are impossible to reintroduce into the flock (obviously, this does not apply to every situation, and sometimes separation is necessary, but I think at this point your chick is best left with her buddies).

    Hope she gets better soon. Again, welcome to chicken-keeping!


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