Separating a broody hen and chicks?


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I wasn't planning to have chicks, but I've recently discovered that my two RIR pullets are actually Production Red cockerels, so I'm now entertaining the idea of having sex link chicks from my Barred Rock hens. If I opt to let one of the girls sit on a nest, do I need to separate her from the rest of the flock?
It is a good idea to separate them but....don't hold your breath waiting for a broody. They might go broody after laying 10 eggs or they might never brood. In all the years I've been keeping chickens, I've only had 2 broodies - 1 last August and 1 right now. I've had breeds said to go broody frequently that never did and the two I've had go broody were breeds that usually don't so you never can tell.
Thanks for the info!

It's actually fine by me if nobody goes broody. I'm happy to just eat the eggs! That was actually my plan all along, but then came the cockerels. It now seems prudent to be prepared for chicks, since I'm going to have fertile eggs at some point. Neither of my boys seems interested in girls yet, though, so I guess I've got time.
There are always incubators...though I will warn you, the hatching bug is very addictive
We have a hen that has been sitting on 10 eggs for about 15-17 days now and we didn't separate her. We debated separating her in the next day or two, but just decided against it until the chicks hatch (if we separate her at all). She went broody in early June and we were trying to break her of it until one terrible evening, coyotes (we are pretty sure) got our rooster and five hens. It was devastating. We decided immediately that we would let her be broody and try to hatch all eggs laid over the next couple of days. We have never done this before, but
thankfully there is a lot of information on this site. I was always curious what a cross of our buff cochin rooster and araucana/americauna hens would look like so I am anxious for them to hatch! Only a few more days! We also have 10 of their eggs being incubated by my coworker's daughter - those had been in the fridge for a couple days, but from what I understand there is still hope some could hatch. It will be interesting to see if any of them are viable! I may brood some of the incubated chicks inside and put some in with her to better our chances of having more survive since I have no idea how it will go with the other remaining hens.
My advice... Watch out for hidden nests lol... We had a big storm roll through here last night and a pullet drowned... While I was removing her I saw movement under a slight overhang just above the water and 2 little chicks were huddled up... Covered in mud and soaked to the skin... I rushed them inside, set up my brooder and cleaned then and dried them up... I now have 2 day old chicks making a fuss in my spare room lol... I can't return them to momma because more rain on the way...

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