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  1. Parthenogenesis aside, Anyone know how long a bred turkey lays fertilized eggs once separated from a Tom? We have been letting all our turkeys free range together on the property but due to an incident, we need to pen them up. Since we are also starting to sell the chicks we want to separate them by breed (Bourbon Reds and Royal Palms) so we get pure breeds. What is the residual time a turkey hen will lay fertilized eggs when separated from the males? Thanks in advance.
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    The breed is Turkey. I assume that you want to separate them by variety.

    It has been reported that turkey hens can continue to carry fertile sperm for at least a month and possibly longer. It has also been reported that the last sperm in is the first sperm used.

    Once a turkey hen has gone broody, she will need to be bred before she can lay fertile eggs again.

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