Seperating chicks?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by rcranger03, May 30, 2016.

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    Hi there folks, my wife I'm sure has posted in here, and she does most the work with our flock (I built the coop and maintain the feed and water containers), but she's out of the state for a week and I came home last night to 2 chicks and momma is still sitting on some eggs.

    My two main questions are:

    1) Separation from the flock? Should I or shouldn't I? I've had to ghetto rig a blocked off section in the nesting box area using a dog crate filled with straw and some cardboard boxes., since apparently the chicks got down from the second level (fell I guess...) and then walked right through my 1" chicken wire (which I thought I was mistaken, but they did it twice. Is this going to hamper their acceptance into the flock? They can't be seen very well in the current setup, but if I mesh in the area so they're contained, but visible will that be okay?

    2) I have chick starter, but is there any other chick specific items I need?

    Thanks, I'm just just trying to do them right, until my wife gets home
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    Place chick starter handy to the broody and water where the chicks can reach it without drowning in it. Place some rocks or marbles in the water so they won't fall asleep with their heads in the water. The broody will also eat the chick starter and she'll feed it to the chicks.

    Small mesh screening around the lower ten inches will do for now. You do want to protect the small ones from the rest of the adult flock. Big chickens have been known to harm chicks.

    As long as the little family can be seen by the rest of the flock, they will be accepted as part of the flock.

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