Sept 18 - 21 Isle of Wight County Fair show and swap -- Smithfield VA

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  1. mergmet

    mergmet Songster

    we NEED showers to bring birds!!

    please email me if you are interested

    [email protected]

    I can help you will all the details and the entry form

    to sell you have to show at least 1 bird so you can get a pass for entry

    if you want to show marans please let me know ASAP and I may be able to work out a prize even though they are not recognized yet. We are needing marans to be shown in trios to help get them recognized.

    this is a small show, not sanctioned, just for fun and to show the county folks what some fantastic birds look like (last year I sold every bird I took). Your show birds don't have to be show quality, but you do need to be able to bring purebred birds that are clean and have most of their feathers!!!

    Please get in touch if interested

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