Seralina study on GE corn and a weed killer

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    This is in response to a poster who refused to start this thread, instead insisting upon continuing to post in a thread where this was off topic.

    The poster took the view that this particular study was flawed. I disagree. The study is sound and the results should concern anyone who eats food, feeds food to their animals or families, in my opinion.

    Of grave concern is the extraordinary degree of commercial interference that affects what gets studied, what gets published, and what conflicts of interest exist in colleges, and the journals that decide what gets published. The details of what occurred concerning this particular study are available at the link.

    I do not intend to start a debate. There is no debate, as far as I am concerned. I don't want GMO food or Round Up on my property or in body.

    My background is in avionics and aerospace, and I now have a BS in Psychology. For that degree I had to be able to read research and understand it. I had to do research, take statistics, and study neurology, including how chemicals affect the body and how our systems function in processing and eliminating chemicals. I, of course, took biology and chemistry. I graduated Suma Cum Laude.
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    I do not want to read all of the second article. So, the first is against, and the second is for. Correct?

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