Serama and Standard Buff Cochin Chicks For Sale

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    I have several Serama and Cochin chicks for sale.
    -SERAMAS---- VERY NICE B AND C class. They are about 2 weeks old (except for a trio that is a little over 1 month old that is pictured below), and very healthy.
    All of the Seramas have the FRIZZLE gene, because their father is frizzled, but only
    1 is actually frizzled. They come in a very wide variety of colors, from light light brown, to dark dark black.
    *-~PRICING~-* The Serama chicks are $15 each. For an exception: if you buy in bulk (4+) there will be a discount.
    These are the parents ^ ^ ^
    These are the older chicks ^ ^ ^

    -COCHINS---- As of now, I only have 3 standard buff Cochin chicks. They are still fluffy, and are just now starting to get feathered wings (1 just hatched today, and the
    other 2 are about 1-2 weeks). They are all very good looking birds, and their parents look fantastic! Their father weighs in at 10lbs!! (The father is pictured below)
    One of the Cochin chicks is dyed pink, because I dipped it in pink Kool-Aid (Only the body, I didn't drown him) They are all very healthy.
    *-~PRICING~-* The Standard Cochin Chicks are $7 each. For an exception: if you buy all three, there will be a discount.
    This is the VERY LARGE father ^ ^ ^
    These are the OLDER buff cochin chicks that I already sold ^ ^ ^

    If you have any questions or comments please Email me at: [email protected]
    or call or text me at (704)-928-8446

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    if they are not frizzled they do not carry the frizzle gene. pretty sure on that. two copies of the gene gives you brittle feathers. one copy gives you frizzles 100% of the time. if a chicken is not frizzled, it does not carry that gene.

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