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    Jun 15, 2016
    Meet Anna Bates, a 10-month-old Serama that, up to this week, has been active and healthy.

    On Thursday, I found her huddled and listless in the run, her comb a bluish-purple. We had had a cold front that dropped temps drastically the night before, but the coop is appropriately sheltered and ventilated and all the other hens all seemed fine. Anna seemed very far sunk down, however. No interest in eating or drinking. I brought her inside and began palliative care, water with electrolytes by mouth syringe.

    By the next day, she was perching on the plastic bucket I had been sheltering her in, and voluntarily took lots of water and a little food. By yesterday, she was marching around the room with her tail up, eating and drinking well, and her comb was no longer purple, but bright red again. She hopped up on my knee for a nap.

    This morning, she's a bit listless again. Comb is still red, but not much eating, and she has chosen to huddle by the electric fireplace right in front of the warm blowing air. It is 70 degrees in the house, and by comparison, two youngster silkies we have separately isolated are hopping around very lively, so I know they are not cold.

    Anna had fowl pox in Sept and shortly after grew two little noduleish things on the side of her beak--not sure if those are residual pox or canker. Her mouth and threat are clear. No respiratory symptoms. Poop seems healthy, if somewhat watery today. Because we do have another bird with canker and I wasn't sure about these masses, I tried Anna on a recommended dose of Flagyl yesterday. She seemed fine afterward and all day yesterday, so close to 100% that we were thinking about letting her go back outside into the isolation coop and run. But this morning changed our minds.

    Attached: photos from Friday AM when she perched on the bucket & then yesterday afternoon when she napped on my knee. Yesterday, she was almost 100%.

    So: purple comb/hunched appearance, then red comb and much more active, then huddling by heat (comb still red). Any ideas?[​IMG]
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    Seramas don't handle cold very well. When a bird is sick, regardless of breed, about 80F is appropriate for their rehab.
    Most breeds handle cold well if healthy but when people close off ventilation in winter, that becomes a problem.
    IMHO, if someone is going to have seramas or other cold sensitive breeds, they would be better off with some sort of temperature regulated housing that also brings in excellent fresh air.
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    Jun 15, 2016
    Thanks for your input! It's about 70 in the house and 83 or so in proximity to the heater--probably closer to 90 where she had moved herself. She is definitely feeling chilly today, despite the ambient. A bit perkier than when I posted earlier, but one part of her comb started bluing up again.

    No respiratory symptoms at all.

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