Serama Breeding -- Which roo to sell, which roo to breed? PIC HEAVY!

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    Hi everyone, I wasn't quite sure where to post this, so if I chose wrong just tell me or move me! Thank you!!

    Okay, so I'm working on building up my Serama breeding stock. My hen to roo ratio is terrible, so I really need to sell some of these roos. I have a few I've decided to sell already, but I will still have a few too many. If anyone on here could help me decide weather there is a clear winner here for who to keep, it would make the decision easier.

    Rooster 1:

    About 5 months old, only 7 oz. I think the other roos may be eating some of his share of food though, lol.


    . . . and a closeup so you can see some of the white feathers I'd rather not have there on his breast:


    Here is his daddy, who I got from Kate at OC Seramas. Over a year old, 18.5 oz. This is another reason I feel like I need to sell one of these boys -- I've already got this guy!


    Rooster 2: This boy I bought as an egg from, I think RevolutionMama on here. He turned out to be blue-breasted, and I would rather not lose that trait, not to mention that he would help mix up the genes. But he is 6 months old, and I just weighed him and was surprised to find out he's already 17.5 oz. [​IMG]


    His profile isn't looking as good as roo #1's, despite his being the older of the two. But I figure he's still got some growing to do. Unfortunately, I'm not able to upload that image for some reason.

    Anyways, I may wind up just keeping both, but I know I shouldn't. If anyone has any feedback for me, it would be great!!! Thank you!!!
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    Feb 17, 2011
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    I would keep both of them they each have something different to add to you breeding program the frist one has small size and type and the second offers you good type and a nice color trait . i understand your problem i have 20 roosters but they all offer me something different all mine have good to great type and they all have different traits dependeing on what im trying to do and breed for . i'm sure i was no help but i tried ! good luck [​IMG]
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    No, that does help!!! Thank you!!

    Hey, I was just about to write to you, bigb! I haven't been on here in a long time and saw you wrote to me! I might be able to solve my problem by buying a few more hens. Do you have hens for sale right now?

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