Serama chicken has worm in feces

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    Hi y'all, I recently got 2 3 month old serama chickens (hen and roo) and today I noticed a rather large tubular thing in one of their droppings (not sure which). It appears to be a worm, but it's not moving. Neither of the birds are acting lethargic, except for the hen having some slightly watery poops, and the rooster has been yawning more than the hen (every 15-20 minutes, early signs of gapeworm maybe?). Here are some images of the feces.
    Sorry if the pics are blurry, they were taken from an IPad. The tube part is clear and rubbery
    If they do have worms, how should I treat them? Thanks in advance!

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    I can't tell from the pics if there is a worm, but you can use Valbazen 1/4 ml (for a bantam) orally and repeat it in 10 days. SafeGuard Liquid Goat Wormer is also good. Dosage is 1/4 ml per pound given orally for 5 days in a row to get the most difficult worms including capillary worms. It is easier to find. Of course, you can take a few fresh droppings in to your local vet for testing.

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