Serama chicks - free to a good home in SW Missouri, no shipping.

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    I have a couple of 3 week old Serama chicks I will give to a good home, we're in SW Missouri (35 minutes north of Springfield) and they must be picked up here since they are so young, 3 weeks. They are feathering and one is definitely smaller than the other so it will probably be a "B" but could end up smaller. They are not show quality but are from nice birds for someone wanting pets or to get a start with the Serama's. They will still need some form of heat and a warm environment, they're in an aquarium with a light bulb now. Call me if you're interested 417-253-2206. If they don't get a new home within a couple weeks, I'll keep them until they are fully feathered and can be safely shipped and they will be for sale for a small amount and shipping costs. Very healthy and cute, handled daily, reside in my living room so they can watch TV and keep an eye on my poodle and chihuahua [​IMG]
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