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What are your seramas like?

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I'm new at keeping Seramas but I did hatch 7 chicks 3 weeks ago and they are feathering out nice. They are varying sizes, I can already tell I have 3 cockerels, they are a festive bunch. Just need to learn more about there behavior to move forward with them.

I purchased a pair from Jerry Schexnayder in Louisiana who is responsible for bringing the breed itself to America. I have to say, I have tried to LOVE them... but so far I just like them. Just not my favorite though they’re adorable. My favorites are my Silkies and Houdans.
I only have one pair. I wasn’t sure if I’d love them and they cost me $200 so... 2 was enough 🤣. I keep them outside in a small coop but they’re in my house at the moment due to cold temps and snow. She did lay the first day or two but has since stopped and is young. I’d assume because of the time of year and possibly the stress of moving.

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