Serama Cockerel - 4 month old

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    Lucky Louie is about 4 months old, he weighed in at 12 ounces a week ago. I have been struggling with selling him, he's young and will only get better but I'm running out of winter space and I have others to keep. He's a sweetheart, he never offered to hop off the table and even stayed when I left him alone a few minutes to go out to the garage. He has light yellow legs, a good tail spread and decent type even now, his wingset is not as vertical as it should be and he does have white ear lobes. Not enamel white but for APA/ABA he would only qualify for table top. Would make a nice breeder, I think he will end up a B but no guarantees. Nice personality, has been breeding the pullet he's with now but she hasn't started laying yet. He is out of wheaten breeding (Blu-T and Miss Prissy). For those with more narrow tails, he would help to improve that, he looks like he's going to have a nice full tail and he has a nice spread, definitely not a pinched tail.


    He is moulting and his feathers are a mess but he's typical for his age. He's a nice, small compact cockerel with a very good personality a nice short back and time to improve. This is his first time away from the other Serama and being set up on a table for photos so he was not posed.

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