Serama Cockerel or Possibly a Pair!

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    We are willing to drive up to an hour to meet half way, provided the right home.

    I have a serama cockerel (and a possibly hen paired with him) free to good home. He is a sweetie and loves chin scratches! He's about 4 weeks old. I hatched him and his siblings for the Easter HAL :) He came from show quality lines, so I'm told. Click HERE to see where i bought the eggs and photo's of the parents.

    Him and possibly his girlfriend are completely free but i have a few requirements:
    • He cannot go to a "rooster stew" home.
    • He can't go to any home that has free ranging chickens, just because his is SO tiny he's begging to be eaten by any predator!
    • I would greatly prefer if the run had a closed top. Again, he's so small, hawks would love to eat him up :(
    • Preference goes to people who have other seramas or small bantams.

    Seramas are smaller than all bantams, they stand shorter than a water bottle, even as adults! Keep this in mind! He will need to be kept safe!

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    Feb 5, 2014
    Good luck finding him a home if you would be able to ship ill would love to add him to my serama flock I have 20 of them
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    Sadly, I can't ship :-/
  4. IHeartPoultry

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