Serama Coop?

Corey NC

12 Years
Mar 28, 2007
North Carolina
Ok I am hoping as soon as it warms up to build a coop just for my seramas. Anyone who ownes/breeds seramas have any suggestions or advice?

questions -

How much sq ft per bird (in the coop and the run)?
do they prefer high or low roosts?
how high should nest boxes be?
what is the minimum/max temps they can be in without chilling/overheating?
Are they good fliers?
is insulation necessary?

i cant help with much, but here is what i know, my fathers are spending the winter in the top floor of his barn, with many heat lights, with average height roosts,,and the nesting boxes are on the floor, they are small bucket type,,
they are doing fine,and have been laying eggs all winter,now, in the summer they are out in pens , i would say they are 6ft tall pens, inside he has rabbit type hutches, with the face off except for the box, the hens set in the box and the roos roost on the roost that runs threw the open rabbit hutch section,,hope this makes sence,,this way he didnt have to cover the whole pen,,and they can get out of rain, i will try to post pics, another day,
also, they were out in these pens until late oct/nov. which i thought was crazy,,but no one died,,we are in n.h.
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