serama eggs- Canada


10 Years
Aug 19, 2009
Hi all, im looking for some serama hatching eggs from nice parent stock, must be able to ship to victoria bc.
thx for looking
hi, i dont know that eggs can ship across the boarder, none of the e-bay egg sellers in the US will ship to Canada, so i assume they cant? maybe its just a hassle, not sure
Hi I too am looking for serama eggs from a reputable breeders. I have had eggs shipped from the states before. There were two forms on the box. One was a United States Postal Service form. It was a Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note---CP72. The other form was a pink one and stupid me threw it away with the box.
But if you can find out what it is put me down for eggs as well. Thanks Louanne
Hi Jerry I would get them any way I could. lol But I have had eggs shipped before . There are 2 forms that need to be filled out. I have a US post office address but I still have to get them across the border. You need a Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note --CP 72 from the US Postal Service but the other form on the box was pink and I accidentally threw it out. They were quail eggs and everyone arrived just fine. I expected a few to be broken but they were all good. Please just look into it. I will pay all costs. Thanks Louanne Real birds would even be better. I have not been able to find anyone in Canada and I really like these little guys. Thanks Louanne If you have a fax no. I could send you a copy of the form.
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