Serama eggs day 19 going into 20. Sooo nervous!!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Kilkilkorken, Jul 4, 2016.

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    Jun 13, 2016
    Okay. So I have 3 Serama eggs in my incubator. All are on day 19 and will be hitting day 20 around noon on July 5th. I put them in lockdown on day 18 and all were still alive. I keep reading all these sites saying that Seramas usually hatch early around day 19 due to their small size, so obviously with me ending day 19 soon and not one has pipped, I'm freaking out! ! I know this is a hard type of chicken to hatch, but I'm hoping to at least get 1 to hatch. My incubator is a still air and I've been running it dry at 50 percent humidity, we have pretty high humidity here in Texas right now, and the temp has held stable at approx. 99.5-100 degrees. At lockdown I upped the humidity to around 65 percent to 75 percent. No external pips yet, and I don't hear any chirping. Please someone with experience hatching Seramas let me know if there is still hope, lol. Shouldn't I have at least gotten a pip by now or have been able to hear some type of chirping from an internal pip going into day 20 on these tiny little eggs? I pray they are not all DIS.
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    Yes there is still hope! Just let nature take its course. Be patient. I have an experienced EE hen setting a clutch of Serama eggs....if they are going to hatch it should be in the next couple days. She has the wood chip/shavings bedding piled up into a chicken volcano! With her little Serama eggs gathered nice and cozy in the bowl of the volcano with herself ransacked over the top of it all....I have hope for them, Just as you should.
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    She is "pancaked" over the top of her creation (good old spell check)....covering all in a feathered blanket. She growls if I so much as Look her way! So cross your fingers and let mom take care of them....Most hens seem to have "Wrote the Book" on incubation....what we have to read and learn about....they just know. Amazing and exciting every time!

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