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    Feb 22, 2016
    I need to buy a pair of seramas or serama eggs to hatch for my grandson to show at our Wayne county Ohio fair this year. We are new to hatching and have 2 incubatore one Little Giant w/egg turner and one styro incubator that Drew made for his science project. Drew has cared for a flock of 40 chickens for 10 months and had done 90% of all feeding and cleaning. I own 5 sultuns and 11 silkis. Drew has mostly brown egg layers and 3 cochin roosters. Drew sells the eggs from home and in the summer he takes them to town at the farm market. The egg sales have paid for not only the feed but also the fencing, netting feeding dishes and the incubators. Oh, and school lunches! Drew is dedicated to the chickens and as a grandma (and chicken advisor to his 4-H club) I am trying to do what I can to find some seramas. We could buy what ever is necessary or available. Please PM me if you can help or know where I could get some seramas.

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