Serama Extravaganza - Golden State Serama Council


9 Years
Sep 30, 2010
November 12, 2011

Santiago Oaks Regional Park
2145 N. Windes Drive
Orange, CA 92869

Judge: Amy Bullock, SCNA licensed judge from Arizona

For information or show entry packet:
Kate Meyers
[email protected]

SCNA Sanctioned Show featuring junior and open classes
Table Top Judging
Smooth and Silkied Serama

Raffle table and sales area
I'll be there.
wonderful!!!! also if there is anyone wanting to help the cali club by donating anything for the raffle it would be much appreciated...... even a nice lovely white roo from northern california will be accepted LOL.
but no seriously please PM me or kate or cara for more info
We certainly would appreciate any donations for our raffle table! A few suggestions would be anything chicken related or, as we will be approaching the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years holidays, any holiday items would be nice. If you do crafts, a donation of some craft items would be amazing. Everyone loves handmade items. Baked good are also welcome. Just contact Bill, Joey, Cara or myself and we will happily accept your donations.
i know we can post a silent auction for a date with JOEY lol..... the ladies should love that...HAHA jk.... joey dont let your girlfriend read this i want to live HAHA
BILL!!!!! If my gf going to kill me, I will have to take you along so I can have someone to bok bok bwwaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkk with....
I think the double dose of coconut milk in your iced coffee instead of creamer should do the job..
J/K...we need your help to put together the show in November.
What do you guys think if we do a BBQ at the show????? I will shell out some $$$ for the food and if anyone want to bring something they are welcome to. You know, I want to make this show kind of like a family reunion.
I will think of something for the raffle table. Not sure specifically what that will be, but count me in for something. I mentioned before on the SCNA forum, that I'd be happy to be your raffle manager on Show Day, let me know if you still want me to do that.

I still don't know if I'll have any birds to enter....but I'll be at the show either way, Kate send me a registration package, my entries will probably be last minute.

Joey, a BBQ sounds nice to me, I hate to think of you funding the whole thing though. I can bring a x-large dish of something.

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