Serama Hatching eggs, Frizzle, Straight, Crele, Tri-Colored

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    Serama chickens are the smallest chickens in the world! They are tiny but packed with personality and can be very tame if handled. All my birds are healthy and happy! They love grazing in the garden and are pretty good flyers. Beautiful colors and patterns, smooth feathered and frizzled birds.

    These eggs are from Micro, A and B Class Seramas.

    6 + 2 extra eggs is $28 which includes shipping
    10 + 2 extra eggs is $40 which includes shipping

    I ship fresh eggs, well packed, air cell up. I pack my eggs the way I would want to receive them but
    I cannot guarantee your hatch because of shipping and incubating conditions beyond my control.

    I do not have heat or cold packs available at this time, but let me know if you would like your eggs held at the post office for pickup.
    If you would like your eggs held please send your phone number to put on the box.

    I do want you to have a successful hatch so please contact me with any issues!

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