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    Serama Hatching Eggs

    I have available 1 Dozen hatching eggs including shipping. Available to ship Dec 7th, 2012. 

    Fertility has been tested through hatching. I am hatching these cuties regularly now.

    All of my birds are A and B Class

    The current SCNA Standard of Perfection for class sizes states:

    A Class: (theoretically) null to 13 ounces/ 350 grams in cocks, and 11 ounces/ 325 grams in hens (there is no such thing as a Micro-A bird!).
    B Class: 16 ounces/500 grams in cocks, and 14 ounces/425 grams in hens
    C Class: 19 ounces/600 gram in cocks, and 17 ounces/525 grams in hens
    Cockerels: up to 16 ounces/500 grams
    Pullets: up to 14 ounces/425 grams

    Proposed ABA Standard of Perfection states:

    Cocks 16 ounces with a 20% variable on weight or 12.8 to 19.2 ounces/358 to 537 grams, without disqualification.
    Hens 14 ounces with a 20% variable on weight or 11.2 to 16.8 ounces/313 to 470 grams, without disqualification.
    Cockerels: 14 ounces with a 20% variable on weight or 11.2 to 16.8 ounces/313 to 470 grams, without disqualification.
    Pullets: 12 ounces with a 20% variable on weight, or 9.6 to 14.4 ounces/368 to 403 grams, without disqualification.

    Serama are known to be difficult to hatch and raise. They are an even greater risk than normal large fowl or bantam birds. PLEASE be aware of this when purchasing your eggs. Serama will need extra special attention and care once hatched. They need to be kept especially clean, with frequent water and bedding changes.

    I cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to conditions beyond my control. Hatching eggs are a risk so please DO NOT buy if you do not understand this. I do not replace eggs or refunds for bad hatch rates. If there is a problem that results in none of your eggs hatching please email me, I may replace your eggs for the cost of shipping.

    NPIP: GA-1275




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