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    Oct 26, 2011
    I have 3 Seramas ,2hens and a rooster One of my hens has a comb nearly as large as the rooster and the other is showing signs of growth too, All the pics I look at show hens with little ridges and I was told by one breeder that a magnifying glass is needed for some. Am I doing something wrong is it genetics,or is it a health issue. Only one is banded They all get unfiltered sunlight most of the day unless it is cold then they get at least one hour a day. They are eating a developer feed until the bag is done or the smaller shows no signs of growth but the majority of their food is seed grain veggies fruits Egg shell oyster shell grit cat food dried mealworms and lichens. The larger hen was alone for a couple of months and I thnk this is when her comb started to grow . She also was vocalizing strangely like she was crowing . I have not heard it since the new rooster showed up .
    O another topic the rooster is in molt but I am wondering when I should expect mating between two that are of age and new to each other . they are all getting along with no issues . She laid the 1st egg after a 2 day break today and I am considering leaving it to see if she goes broody. I have not seen mating or even a suggestion from her to him that they should . The rooster has been here for 1 week. and seems pretty settled.
    I'll try to attach pics[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]The first pic is from sometime around sept oct before she laid her first egg, the second pic is yesterday . the third pic is the new hen yesterday and well the third is obvious.

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