Serama pair-White Frizzle Cockerel & Buff Black tail pullet

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    Mar 25, 2010
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    I have to thin the flock and keep only my best- I hate to have to do this but its time! Sorry, but I had to relist because I forgot I have a show Saturday.

    I am offering a white frizzle cockerel Larry-18.2 oz 7 months old and a buff black blacktail/wheaton ??pullet 13 oz. approx 5 mo. The white frizzle has been shown in 3 shows but only in cage and always gets placed with blues or red ribbons. He started showing at 4 months and was just to young for table top. I would breed him to some nice short backed girls because his back is to long in my oppinion and needs more vertical. No green legs or white lobes though. The pullet I will send with him has not been shown at this time and is just starting to mature. She should be laying soon. The boy is a breeding machine right now! IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL ME AT [email protected]. I may pull this auction if they sell before the auction is up. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Local pick up is fine or I can ship in a USED shipping box that is in very good shape for 60.00. These will ship Monday or Tuesday. I can NOT garentee shipping because once they leave my hads I dont know what happens. I will provide tracking and ship express. Please check with the usps to make sure you cen get delivery of birds to you. I can also deliver to chehalis show Saturday

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