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    Mar 27, 2015
    I have an opportunity to get a trio of seramas and I'm very tempted. I live in Ma so in the winter it can get pretty cold down here. I have about 50 hens in the main coop and everybody (even my abnormally small d'Uccle bantam) did ok. I'm having insulation put in the coop soon, but was wondering if it was possible to keep the seramas where I live without bringing them in the house? Is there anything I can do to the coop to make it warm enough for the seramas to be in? I know some people worry about having seramas in a mixed flock because they worry about them getting picked on, but my standard size chickens never pick on the bantams. I have other coop options, though.
    1.) The main coop which has about 50+ hens
    2.) coop #2 has 1 Cochin bantam rooster, 2 standard Cochin hens, and 2 Cochin bantam hens
    3.) coop #3 has 1 OEGB rooster with 4 hens
    4.) coop #4 has 1 Silver Lakenvelder rooster and 3 NJG hens (I'm DEFIANTLY not going to put them in there)

    If I had to, I could put them in my barn with a heat lamp in the winter, but I'd prefer not to. Any advice would be great! Thanks!

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