Serama riister that can not walk

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    Mar 4, 2012
    Joshua Tree, CA
    I have a serama rooster that is about one year old. Yesterday we found him unable to walk in the chicken yard. He had reflexes in both legs so we brought him into the bathroom so he can be warm and safe. I could not find any wounds on him and I felt his spine and it seems fine. He had an appetite but does not seem to want water. Today he has almost no reflexes in his left leg and flops over on that side. He is now using his left wing to balance himself. He still has an appetite but still does not want water. I fear that a bigger hen or roo pecked him or injured him in some way. I had a naked neck roo that also had this happen after he was in a fight with another rooster but it happened over the course of a week. Also the little roo has some raspy breathing which he has had issues with off and on since I have had him as a cockrel.

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