serama rooster pacing


8 Years
Apr 10, 2011
Branson, missouri
I had 4 seramas in one pen, 2 roo's and 2 hens. Yesterday i moved maurice and Maya to a large cage in my bedroom, leaving Molly and Murray in the original cage in my livingroom. Maurice is pacing back and forth. I havent ever seen him do this. could he be missing Molly the other hen? should i put them all four back together? Gosh I hope someone will see this thread and reply. I hope little maurice is OK and pacing isnt a sign of sickness or something.


adding their pics

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He's looking for the rest of his flock. Put them back together if you wish, but was there a reason for separating them in the first place?
If you have the space, put them back together. The boys should get along without too much trouble.

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