Serama Test Eggs (You Pay S&H)

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    This is the second batch of Serama eggs that I would like to offer as a test hatch for only S&H.

    The picture posted on the listing is of one of the rooster and a couple of the pullets that are now housed together, when they were youngsters. There is a total of three hens and two roosters in this pen.

    I do not show my Serama's they are our pets, so I make no claim to their being show quality or any other such claim. I do vouch for their being pure bred Seramas. The Serama's we have were all hatched out of eggs bought from BYCer's from one coast to the other.

    Serama's do not breed true as far as coloring, so each chick that hatches is a surprise! They are delightful birds with wonderful personalities.

    This is a picture of the second rooster in the pen:

    These are babies we have hatched from our own eggs:

    If you are interested in testing our eggs or have any questions, please PM me.


    Edited to Add: There will be least 1 dozen eggs, plus whatever is gathered over the week end. I ship on Mondays. The first test eggs sent out there were 18.
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    I would totally take these if I wasn't totally broke from all the other eggs I've bought in the last week. [​IMG]

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