Serama with mystery non emergency condition


11 Years
Jul 16, 2008
South Carolina
Sophie is my Serama housechicken, she will be 1 yr old in october. She became broody in June so I ordered her some eggs and she say until mid July, hatching 3. A few weeks ago she seemed off, not eating or drinking much. I thought she acted like she had something stuck in her throat. I treated for 2 days with olive oil and she improved. Then she started to gape/burp and it smelled bad so I thought sour crop. Started treatment and she quickly improved, within 3 days seemed normal. Then she developed an s shape to her neck so I started with the vit e and sel. gels. Again quick improvement. Treated for about 3 days and then stopped, back to the s shape within 1 day. Treated again for about a week. This time it took 3 days before her neck started doing the s thing.

So my question is, how long do I give her the vitamin treatment? It is obvious that it is working but I would rather not have to squeeze this stuff into her beak forever. I also don't want to overdose her since she is so small. She has also had food in the front of her beak since this all started. Just in the tip, the rest of her mouth is clean and normal looking. It does not smell and she eats and drinks fine. She has not lost any weight, at only 12 oz she doesn't have any to spare. She also takes excellent care of the babies and even when ill watched over them very well. Sophie is a sweet pet and a great mother so I want to do everything I can to keep her healthy.
I did try the vitamins in the water and they did not help. The vit E w/ sel sits on the water so the babies eat it up before she does. Today is day 4 (again) she seems completely normal but am going to give her longer.
Does anyone know if Seramas are known for having these problems?

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