Serama X D'Anver pairs, 5 weeks, Pittsburgh area, No Shipping

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    I have small blue/black pairs of 5 weeks available. The cockerels are black, and the pullets are grey and blue.
    The 2 pairs of D'anver crosses all have the rose combs. In the pullets these are grey.
    The sire is a 3/4 Serama 1/4 Dutch bantam black roo, who is beautiful & the same weight as the D'anver hen.

    FREE if you pick up or meet me, in-state, within an hour of 15116 zip code.
    They can be gotten only in pairs or altogether as a group.
    There is an extra cochin x serama cockerel,
    and I may throw in a blue silkie pullet with him if a pair is needed.

    This D'anver broody sneaked into the nest box under my standard broody to incubate her eggs, and I never noticed her, so she gave me a surprise brood.

    Grey D'anver x Serama Pullet
    She is mouse-grey rather than blue The friendliest pullet chick I have right now. Likes to perch on arms & ride along.
    The other grey pullet. Also very docile.
    Cochin X cockerel. The cochin x 's mother is a bantam barred cochin
    Black D'anver X Serama cockerel. Very personable.

    The mother to four of the chicks: a Dun quail D'Anver, shown hear with last year's brood.

    DO NOT PM to buy, please, just hit B I N if you're serious, as per new Moderators' rule

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