Seramas-do you really know what a Serama is???

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    Here's a couple of links for people who are trying to learn what a true and correct Serama is, whether you call it a Malaysian Serama, an American Serama or a Serama bantam. Check out the links if this breed interests you and learn about them before buying eggs or stock and end up with something you weren't expecting.

    Ondra's Seramas has a very good article that can be found here:

    And I've added one that can be found here:

    Both Ondra and I have taken the time to do this. I hope adding these direct links helps those who are trying to learn about the breed.

    A serama is a living work of art. Anything less than that and you just have a bantam chicken. If you have specific questions, either of us would be more than happy to help answer them.

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    i am thrilled that you chose a picture of one of my roos, i was so surprised when i got to his picture!
    very good articles as well
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    Thanks Julie & Ondra. It's time we set the record straight. For the past 8 years the serama has been maligned by a variety of individuals seeking to make a buck. This is evident by the so called serama offered for sale on the auction sites, the majority are crosses, serama with old english and or japanese bantams. Before anyone buys these, so called serama, visit the web site and see what a serama should look like. By all means avoid the eggs offered there, the hatch rate on shipped serama eggs is low, at best 5-10% and you're lucky if you get serama, I know some who incubated these serama eggs and hatched bob white quail. Same with all these imitation serama clubs, all started by former members of SCNA, with egos bigger than their brains. They tout this and that, but we never see their birds, they have never put on a show, all talk, no action. Everyone is invited to the Ohio National, Columbus, second week in November. There the SCNA will hold it's 7th Annual Serama National. Come out and see hundreds of real serama, judged Malaysian Style, Table Top, where each bird is brought before a judge, evaluated and assigned a score. This method of judging is unique to the serama and seldom used outside of Malaysia, but is the highlight of SCNA sanctioned shows.
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    Which roo is yours? He must be in Ondra's article. [​IMG]
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    Thank you Julie and Ondra! Very well written!
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    Quote:Hi Julie! It is the last picture of the super nice roo on Ondra's page.

    Great job both of you! Im going to be directing people to your page now too Julie when I use Ondra's! I hope to have one soon if I ever get time to figure out how to make a page... Im slightly computer illiterate sometimes so It would have to be user friendly! [​IMG]
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    Yours is great! Thanks for posting mine!
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    my father doesnt go on line so i printed it up for him, he is very happy to have something to refer back too, great idea
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    very nice! ill tab these links!
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    When my daughter and I talk about Seramas we call them soldier-chickens!

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