seramas in virginia


9 Years
Jul 26, 2010
I've seen a couple ads on craigslist for serama chicks in harrisonburg. Does anybody have them in virginia that let them live outside? I would love to have a couple.
i live in west virginia and know a lady that lives near me (also in wv) and she has her outside, she brings them inside when its really really cold and gives them a heat source for winter. i just hatched out one serma... had 2 but the other never hatched. sadly my hatchling died BUT i bought another one from the lady i got my eggs from and got 2 more eggs in the bator now.

i plan on keeping them in a special 'suite' ie converted rabbit hutch... since i have considerably bigger chickens and i dont what the bigger bullies to harm my little sermas.

i will provide a heat lamp but nothing special for them unless it gets unbearably cold them i may bring them in the garage but it will depend.

depending on how close we are to each other i may be able to set you up with the lady i deal with. pm me if you would like.
I dont live in Virginia but I do live in north Ga and it got really cold this year and we had lots of snow. I have a small flock of seramas and have never giving them any additional heat. They have done fine. Here there are in their little serama hutch.

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