Seramas.... Some like it hot, hot, hot?

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    So the weather here in GA has turned beautiful! The babies are off their heatlamps and spending time outside. It's feeling great!

    My inside Serama, Myka, doesn't really like the big outdoors. She really doesn't like anyone to bother her. No rooster chasing or fussy hens for her. She likes living laid-back and cruising the kitchen and living room, leaving little presents for us. She also loves the space heater. We had it on for the winter and now we'll turn it on once in awhile to knock out the chill. I was really worried when we had it cranked on high and I caught Myka laying right in front of it! Like inches from the safety grill. Of course, I chased her off of it. We watch it close for the safety of all the animals. I have a stool I set it on when critters are out. But keeping her off of it proved very difficult. I watched her and she would choose to lie in front of it. Sometimes, she almost touches it, but will move away if she gets too hot... She seems more like a cat. I even catch her and the cat laying near it. Once in awhile, she'll jump up and hop around when her feet get hot. Now please don't bash me for not being safe around a space heater. We are. I'm very much aware of the dangers and take great caution around the animals.
    When my roo Alejandro got beat up by some young whippersnapper hooligan roos, he came in the house to recoup. He was given some free run and as long as he behaved, he was able to hang out with Myka. I noticed he too loves to get up under the heater.

    Now, we've established that the birds are safe, and I've read how they prefer warm temps because they are small, or because they were developed in Malaysia. But, do they live near volcanoes or something?? And if they prefer these temps, how are they when in a normal coop? During the winter, they have to be protected from cold temps, but are normal (to us) temps actually not enough to keep them comfortable? I'm thinking about getting reptile heaters for them in the coop. Also I'm making sure they have room for sunning. I just wonder if I should hook them up with their own tanning bed? LOL! I won't keep heat lamps in the coop, but I might look into other heat sources they can choose to be near.
    Anyone with suggestions?
    I suppose it doesn't really matter for "general population" Seramas. Lots of people have them and they're happy and healthy, without roasting them! It's just something I wonder about.


    Ugh and overlook my yucky carpet, LOL! It displays every speck of dirt and fluff, I hate it!

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