Seramas & SQ Blue Silver Duckwing OEGB For Sale(maybe...)

S n M Poultry

14 Years
Aug 31, 2007
i have a very nice pair of Blue slvr dkw OEGB that i paid $132 for. I need at least $80 for them. I also might have a trio of B seramas. Im also asking $80 for them if i do decide to sell them. Would anybody be interested?
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S+M - i saw pics today my puter was cranky yesterday-
I would be interested if you can ship to 44425
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I looked at the ones you have on your site, they are beautifull, i really wish i could afford to get them.

s+m if you decide to sell the Serama please contact me

and we will work work out a fair price-- money plus this sg i have - I saw you have one what color mine is a partridge and I sure would like it to go somewhere it will be liked for it's ugly / I mean special qualities.....
If i do decide to sell these guys and you wanted them ship you would have to send me a box. I still do know know if im gonna sell them.

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