Seramas vs. Sebrights...


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Aug 25, 2008
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I have never even seen a Sebright in the flesh (or feather), but I know Seramas and they are very small.
"World's smallest chicken", you know!

I have one chick who I think is going to be a Micro, "Tiny Tim" is almost 2 months old and doesn't even have feathers on his head while his brothers and sisters are fully feathered and outdoors. She looks younger than the 5 week olds. Its weird! My friend has a roo that is about the size of a 20 Oz bottle, he is so cute and teeny!

According to the Serama "standard" the (highly valued) "A" class birds can only be up to 350grams. "B" Class up to 500gs, and "C" up to 600 gs, and that is for the cocks. The hens are a little smaller....525 grams and under is preferred.

I Wiki'd this for you....
As a true bantam, all Sebrights are very small in stature; males weigh an average of 22 ounces (625 grams) and females 20 oz.

My vote is on the Serama. Although, I have to admit that Im biased.

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Do you have pics of your Seramas?

I am trying to decide on a small breed of bird to work with along with my Silkies. I have thought about Bantam Ameraucanas, but I'm having second thoughts. My focus is my Silkies so I need the majority of space for them.

I thought about Seramas but then I remembered they arent accepted by the APA yet. But I know that there is a serious effort in getting them accepted, so I also thought if I start working with them now, then maybe by the time they are accepted I'll have something to show.

Decisions.... Decisions.....


Serama Savvy
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Aug 25, 2008
Central Kentucky
I have pics and can take more this week. I just have no idea how to put them on here, lol.
You might PM me.
My camera is MIA (and hopefully not stolen.) So I can get my friend Kelly over here with hers for some new ones later this week!
I need to get pics of that Micro to post on the Yahoo! group Seramas and see whats up with him.

Seramas have not been accepted by the APA or ABA, and although lots of breeders are working hard and culling hard to get lines of birds that breed true to type and color.
Lots of other breeders get some culls and breed them and sell them for lots of money and people are buying and breeding junk.
I dont know which there are more of, really......

If you get Serama, research and find good size and type. Someone who has records.
I got ripped off on my firsts. I bought a whole flock from a lady that was selling tons of eggs for 30 bucks a Doz on Ebay, who wanted out of the business for 'health reasons'. I thought it was a Good deal by the (far away) pictures of the flock, but they didn't have a scale and I didnt know any better at the time. She said they were all B class and they were more like "F" class...over 800 grams. I got HUGE non-typey birds. I had to take a loss and sell them as mixed bantams and had to off 3 roos and a hen. It pays to ask questions and study before you buy. Remember the old saying.."Buyer Beware!"


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Chris, they're both really small, but I'd have to agree that the seremas are smaller. I have one sebright cock, and hes tiny, but there were a few seremas at the show this past weekend and they were even smaller than him. They were silkied


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Eggcetera (Jessica) has a Serama so tiny it's never laid an egg. That's a shame, since that would be some genetic material worth working with!

My Seramas are a bit on the large size, but the new hen I got probably weighs less than one of my OEGB girls. I think Sebrights are about the same size or a little smaller than OEGB, so some of the tiniest Serama would have to be pretty small. Brian Sparks had some photos up on his website of his stock, several which are the size of soup cans, like LCRT said. Unfortunately, the link isn't working now. A few of his photos can be seen on Feathersite.

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