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    I've been thinking about starting a small flock of Serama's to raise along with my Silkies. I've done some research on them as far as the history goes, the standard as it is now, and the classes etc...

    However I have also heard that they are sometimes hard to hatch because of low fertility, and that they are very fragile due to their native environment and the differences here.

    Also, does anyone have any input on what the birds of today are like. I know that they PURE Malaysian lines are a lot smaller than the more popular Americanizes lines. Can anyone offer any advce on how the two differ? Is the americanized versions really THAT much larger than the pure lines?
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    You can get larger sized Seramas if you just want some as pets, etc. IMO, they don't look much different than OEGB, though. (No one smack me!) They are cute as can be, though. The larger ones aren't as fragile, don't need to be in climate controlled buildings, etc.
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    I love mine! I have standard and silkied seramas. Mine are more pets because I really don't know a lot about the standards of perfection for them. One of my Favorite girls Olive just had to be put down and she weighted 9oz, which i think is a decent size. I have been hatching them pretty well, especially the silkied ones. I have had better hatch in the auto temp and fan version then in the standard little giants. Still I'd say 3 out of 5 or so hatch well. We're in Fl so temps are not too much a problem.
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    you want to talk to frank( mr serama) he goes by ae50mag. i got mine from him. hatched 12 out of 20 under broodys in early april. all are well. hope he can help
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    chickenzoo ~ soooo soooo cute!!! Do you have to have them in a climate controlled setting or no?
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    Quote:My adults are outside pens,but during winter i think I'll keep them in a shed for more protection.

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