Serema, Lav. X white showgirl, and a few others!

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    Mar 15, 2010

    This listing is for 6 (maybe more) Self Blue (lavender) Roo X white showgirl eggs. I hen is bearded the other is not.


    There will be 4 (maybe more) size A & B serema eggs.


    There will be 2 (maybe more) Blue marans roo X Cuckoo marans hen eggs. (Sorry no picture.)

    A couple of Ameracauna eggs. (one hen is black and one is blue.) The daddy could be either a black Jersey Giant, Blue Copper Marans, or a Black copper Marans roo. They all run together along with some buff orphington hens, Black Star, black Jersey Giant hens and a few other mixed breed hens.

    I also have a few BB REDS, and a small pair of black bantams that my brother gave me (I forget what he said they were) that I put in with my BB Reds. Someone (I think the black pair) is laying in this pen. These are all very tiny birds. About the size of a 20oz. coke bottle.

    If the winning bidder wants I can throw in a few of these mixed breed eggs to help bring the total to 18 eggs in all.

    The USPS is going up on their postal rates. So I have to up my price for shipping. I was charging $14. The last eggs I shipped cost me $14.50. I always put delivery confirmation on my eggs.

    I wrap each egg in a paper towel and fit them snuggly pointed end down into a egg carton which is taped shut. I place the carton in a box filled with shredded paper, styrofoam peanuts, wadded newspaper, bubble wrap which ever I have when I package. Usually shredded paper. I use a LARGE box from USPS that you can order for free from the USPS online services.


    I mark the box with red and black sharpie markers making it very visible to ALL who handle the box. I find my eggs make it safe this way.


    You can also check my feedback on Ebay. My handle there is mimis_place.


    Send payment to: [email protected]

    Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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    I can personally attest to her as a seller, her eggs and her packing/shipping! Top notch all the way! Her eggs are very fertile, communication is outstanding and the shipment arrived fast and very nicely packed. Thank you again!

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