Serious feather loss!

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    Mar 18, 2015
    Hi all, and thanks in advance for any advice :)

    Ive currently got 6 hens, 3 banties (currently brooding away on some eggs!) and my 3 hybrids (light sussex types)......
    My problem is with one of my hybrids, margo. Initially I thought it was feather pecking, she's been checked for parasites and is all clear, they're on a good quality garden blend feed and have a good sized run, plus we try to give them things to do (cabbages etc). They also get let out to free roam most days (weather permitting).
    As I said, it started with a bit of feather loss around her bottom, but progressed to her head...thats when I used an anti peck spray (yuck!). This worked initially......but now she has a large bald spot on her chest, also her legs and most of the underside of her body. I've watched the others with her , but can't see any pecking behaviour.....Im at a loss of what to try now! Is she doing it to herself? or is one of the others doing it!?

    Any advice, tips, help would be most welcome........Thank you :)
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    If you havnt seen feathers on the ground, Margo is picking and eating her own feathers or one or more of the other hens are picking and eating the feathers. Or Margo is picking her feathers and the others are eating the feathers.
    Shaft mites are a possibility. Molt is a possibility also.

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