Serious head wound from coopmates


Mar 16, 2017
St. Louis area
My 11 week old polish was attacked by other (s) in the coop 2 days ago. Found it laying in a corner breathing hard. She had a lot of her head feathers pecked off and blood on the others, which are white. Some of it was scabbed over. She ate and drank a little the first night. Couldn't clean much. She's in a cage in my room. She was better yesterday so I put neosporin on it again. No new bleeding. Poop is liquid x2 days. Looks like a large bruise on her head. Do polish have weird shaped heads? Is there anything else I should be doing? How long should she be separated before I set the cage next to the other homicidal pullets and cockerels? Thanks! This was really upsetting...


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
I would put her back in the coop or run in a dog crate with food or water. Apply antibiotic ointment (neosporin or similar) twice a day until it starts healing. Then I usually will use BluKote spray daily until all feathers have grown it--usually in a month or so. When you start the BluKote, you can try letting her out with the other pullets with supervision. They will peck some, but hopefully not too much. While feathers are growing in, the shafts can be very attractive to others to peck out again. Caustion with BluKote--while I have had good results using this, some find thaat it can cause more pecking. There is another product called Aluspray or Alushield, both of which are an aluminum-based wound spray, silver in color, and are used to cover wounds. Google those for online sales or check your farm store in the horse and other animal aisles.


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