Seriously need to keep her warm.

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    I have a Buff Laced Sebright named Dove. She is not cold hardy at all. I do not know if it is just her, or the whole breed, but she just can not take the chill. She fluffs up and stands on one foot, or lays down. She closes her eyes and tries to huddle against anything. At first I thought she was sick, but it happens anytime there is any chill, like in the beginning of Autumn. She is fine again once it warms up.
    We are going into winter and she is miserable. People keep saying to not give any supplemental heat or anything. I am currently making her a sweater. I am getting laughed at, but I do not know what else to do. I am looking at her and I am SURE she will not be okay as is.
    Should I take her in the house? Give her heat? I have other coops I could separate her into. Any suggestions?
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    A sweater will prevent her from fluffing her feathers, the fluffing is what allows the feathers to hold warm air next the skin, and might actually make her colder.

    Not sure how you'd keep a Sebright in a cold might want to ask on this thread:

    Oh, and put your location in your profile, will help folks make more viable suggestions.
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    Okay, I tried the sweater, It failed miserably.
    It was more like a loose cloak. She seemed to like it when I put it on her before school. My mother went out maybe 30 minutes later to find she had caught it on fencing that went down into the water for ducks. The ties were caught on the wire when she had tried to get a drink. The cloak got wet and became heavy, twisting to trap her wings. Her whole body and most of her neck was submerged in the freezing water.
    Mother got her out just in time. She is fine now, but that cloak is going in the FIRE. I am such an idiot. I almost killed her.
    Now what?
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    I would separate her and another bird that isn't that cold hardy (if you have one) and provide them with supplemental heat during the winter. I'm normally one of those people that says no heat, but if you live where it gets frigid in the winter and raise birds that are more suited to a warmer climate, then you have to do what you have to do...
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    Thank you. I thought that was maybe what I should do, but there is cons for everything I can think of.

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