Seriously, Yums? Three eggs?

Kay Crowe

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Apr 3, 2013
Northern Virginia
My girls all used to lay in the morning, like clockwork and usually in the same order. I can tell what each bird's eggs look like. Nugget's are easy because they're speckled and perfectly oval.

In the past couple of weeks, I don't know if it's the increase in sunny days or what, Yum has been laying in the late afternoon. She'll poof up and look uncomfortable for about an hour, just standing in the yard. The egg is usually an oddly shaped, chalky, jumbo egg. Within 30 minutes she'll lay a water balloon egg. A few times she's even laid a third.

The other girls typically play soccer with the afternoon eggs. This is easy because Yum does it in the middle of the backyard so they have tons of room to play. Once broken they all eat it. The soft eggs get ripped open and devoured quickly.

I've been giving them oyster shell along with their standard layer crumbles and whatever they scrounge up while free ranging the yard and compost bins. Today I gave them yogurt for the first time. Spinach is a frequent treat. I'm not sure how else to cram calcium in there.

I've been finding evidence of eggs being laid and snacked on at night. Last night I got home late and went out to close the coop a couple hours after their bedtime. Parma was asleep on the coop porch standing with a soft egg clutched in her foot. Eggs laid in nest boxes or with normal shell density are NOT eaten.

If this is the way she is wired, well, that's one thing. But could the frequency be a signal of something wrong? Does molting have anything to do with it?


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