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When does having fuzzy butts become pleasurable and fun and all the beautiful things that I have read about over the last few months on this beautiful forum. My experience so far has been heart breaking, stressfull, scary and feels totally hopeless right now.....

I received my chicks in the mail after 3 full days of travel - 8 bantams, 4 EE and 4 BR. The first 30 minutes I lost a BR, then 1 1/2 days later I lost another BR - defiately to travel stress I am sure. Now I have a prolapse I am mothering on a BR and just this morning a lethargic EE with watery poop that is only interested in sleeping. I have spent the last 5 days camped out in front of the brooder, cleaning pasty butts evertime they poop, bathing the prolapse and adding more prep. H and hand feeding the lethargic chick and the other that passed away....

I have sought advise from the forum, read everything and done everything I can. I feel like I am having a nervous breakdown already....

I have my girls on medicated chick start, chick start with yogurt and egg yokes, yogurt and chick start as well as a chick start soup for the lethargic chick so she can get some protein and sustanance for her little body.

I will continue to love and care for my girls, sleep or not and I long for a future when all of my girls are healthy and happy and full of life.

What a bummer! I'm sorry you are having such a terrible time. Are the babies warm enough? Are any of them resting peacefully? Are any of them acting relaxed and laying out taking in the warmth? Describe more about how they are looking and acting. Are they picking at the feed and acting interested in eating?
I am so sorry you're having such a hard time with your chicks. Traveling for 3 full days probably depleted their systems to the point that survival is very problematic. I wish I had advice to give you that will help - perhaps others do - it sounds like you've researched and asked questions and done everything you can. I hope things turn around and some survive.

Don't give up - I lost my entire first flock and had to start over - so far so good on my end - it can be done!
Well... We didnt order from online... We bought ours at a local farm store thingy........

And it was awesome of course!

I am SO sorry about your babies! It must be SO hard to lose one!!!! I have never lost one but its probably heartbreaking
It seems so hard sometimes, especially when they are so young.
They seem so fragile at times. It sounds like you are working hard and doing all the right things. Dont fret. It will all seem worth it later when they are running around the yard and entertaining you.
You are going to have some very friendly girls too with all the babying you are giving them.
Im sorry your haveing trouble.
I believe they are warm enough, they do sleep really soundly and mostly use the outskirts of the heat lamp none of the sleep directly under it. The ones that are eating, eat pretty well, they hit the chick start like crazy. After eating one of the little EE likes to run over to the center of the lamp and plop down on her side, spread her wings and heat bath for a minute, then she pops back up to join the others. From what I have read all this sounds normal...
If they are spending most of their time on the outskirts of the heat lamp, it sounds like they are TOO warm. Can you raise your heat lamp a little bit to allow them to cool down?
Yes, I agree...just move it upwards a little and see if that changes the amount of time they spend under it "sunning" - it sounds like normal chick behavior for the most part. How old are they now? Are you using a red bulb?

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