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    Whats the deal with everyone getting all genetic and "by the book" about breeding birds? It seems every time someone has a simple question about what a possible mix is here comes 1 or 9 people going through the genetics of what it could be or couldnt be and this that and the other?[​IMG] I understand genetics play a key role in alot of aspects of breeding birds, but just because the genetics say it should be this way or that, or its supposed to be this way because this book says so, doesnt mean thats the only way of learning something or doing something. Alot of members (including me) dont know alot about the genetics of anything, let alone how this chicken is a recessive lavender from 7 generations back and this one is lavender blah blah blah from 2 generations,....doesnt really make sense to me to try and confuse someone with that stuff.[​IMG] I just want to breed birds, enjoy it and talk to others who want to do the same, and swap stories and experiences of how what came from where and how they can do it too, not that you need a bird with this trait and that one to get this one, and then breed this one to that one over there and then back to the bird with this trait to get the bird your looking for.[​IMG] Just needed to vent about this. Thanks for looking.

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  2. I have some white chickens, and some brown ones, and a couple of black ones with white freckles, and a funny looking one who is kind of tan... you won't hear anything about genetics from me!!!
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    Mar 17, 2008
    To be honest, I don't understand the genetics talk either, but if I was a serious breeder of quality birds, I would probably really appreciate all the knowledge they can give me.

    I love my birds, but I'm not breeding to a standard or taking them to shows and I really enjoy hatching mixed-breds to see what kind of unique crosses I can come up with. I really enjoyed participating in this thread:
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    They're giving a complete and accurate answer. Exactly the kind of answer I'm looking for when I pose a question. [​IMG]
  5. DuckLady

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    There are different degrees of breeding seriousness here which is great.

    We appreciate that the hard core experts are willing to share their knowledge.
    We also appreciate the fun crosses that are out there.

    Just take what you need from it and do your own thing.
  6. Criskin

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    I've noticed that no matter what the subject, you'll find people who take a bit too much of their self identify from feeling their knowledge is superior. It's an odd form of snobbery. I like to take what information I can, ignore the rest, and thank everyone for their help!
  7. redhen

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    May 19, 2008
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    I dont know anything about genetics either.. and dont care to know..
    BUT.. If someone wanted to teach me some things about it..i wouldnt be upset with them..
    I'd tell them Thank You for the information! [​IMG]
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    IMO, I think most of the problem is the definition of the word 'breeding' [​IMG]

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