Sermara Chcik care


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
San Diego County
Hi - My first itty bitty Sermara chick hatched today - so darn cute. But I am wondering if they need any special care. I was thinking I'll sorta mash up the chick starter because the crumbles look too big for the little guy.

Anything think else I should know?

I have ordered more sermara eggs so he/she can have friends but that'll take at least a month.

Thank you.
I do find with my small chicks I have to mash the crumbles up finer. They do fine that way. Other than that pretty much the same care as other breed/size chicks.

Congrats on your baby Serama. I have some hatching now. Hope I get more than one or two from the batch!


Thank you! This little guy came in a mixed batch of eggs I bought on e-bay. Turned out to be the one fertile..or should I say developed! Shipped eggs make for expensive chicks! But I can't seem to stop my self from buying and trying!

I have three incubators full right now!! I may end up divorced but that's okay my animals will keep me company!!

Have a nice evening.

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