Set 1/23 ~ 109 spike and only 9 of 60-ish perished

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Jan 11, 2007
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Hi! My mistake was expecting an OLD wafer thermostat, to behave like the electronic thermostats, but it was stable for 24 hrs before I put eggs in. Air temp droppeddroppeddropped to 95 for 2 days and wouldn't come back up. After 48 hrs at 95, turned the screw dealie by a half turn every 4 hrs all day and it finally steadied at 100.
*Whoops* At 7 the next morning, temp at egg height was 109 degrees! I think it took that long for it to *get stable* and I jumped the gun because the wafer thermostat isn't as quick I was used to (??) .
Of the 6 doz set on 2/23 and only had to pull 9 with blood rings from the temp spike (oddly a couple of duck eggs and the rest bantam eggs.
For what it's worth...


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