Set eggs the evening of the 24th :)


11 Years
May 25, 2008
Washington State
So i tried to go all this season without hatching but a friend requested some chicks from my Partridge Rock flock..... 24 eggs are in and should be hatching on the 14th of June
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Well I just candled our partridge rock eggs and out of 24 eggs there were 21 strong with blood vessels all over the upper half of the eggs. Three other eggs; one looked infertile and the other 2 were too dark to see in Im guessing these three were maybe from the same hen that doesn't let our rooster near her since the day I picked up eggs she layed twice. Sooo not counting chicks before they hatch never do but at the moment we are 21 chicks strong now for sure
our 8 month old rooster is looking to be getting the job done over 12 hens.

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