Set of 3 Custom Reusuable Washable Cotton Sandwich Snack Bags


Yoga...The Chicken Pose
11 Years
Aug 4, 2008
Fuquay Varina, NC
I am offering new 100% Cotton Reusable ECO Sandwich/Snack Bags with velcro seals.
These are custom order only right now. This is for a set of 3 with your choice of image on them.

I also offer Reusable Grocery Produce bags, these are not being offered in this listing. Big enough to pick up your apples, pears, celery, eggplant, carrots, lettuce...ect at the grocery to check out!

All are washable, just turn them inside out in the washing machine and dry on low.

I can add imagines like hearts, fruit, animals... oh ya, and chickens! *wink* ( I don't do highly detailed images, I try not to use more then 3-4 cuts of fabric to create your image)

This is also me testing out the auction style listings. It I don't like it you'll be able to order through me by PM, Etsy or the sticky christmas listing thread at the top of this page!


P.s. - I have raised what appears to be 7 roosters out of 7 eggs and chicks I got in the spring. Not one pullet was had from these high priced babies!!! So, I am trying to raise money to buy 2 pullets for my buff silkie rooster. Its going to cost me $60 or so, and hubby will NOT give me the $$$.
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