Set of Four Mug Mats/Cup Cozies-Handmade/ N. Ga. Mtns

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    These handmade mug mats/cup cozies/cloth coasters are super useful. I use ones like them on a daily basis at home. They are made with 100% cotton good quality quilt fabric with low loft batting inside and are machine washable. Backs are all the same green ivy fabric you see in one of the photos.

    The size of each is approximately 5" square.

    One set of four for $12, just specify which set you want, top or bottom row, if it matters to you.
    Buy both sets together (8 total mug mats) and pay just $18 total.
    The top row is one set, bottom row is the second set.


    Payment by postal money order or cash. Mug mats sent when payment received.

    A neighbor of mine took a set I gifted her to the Senior Center and a few of the women put the base of their wine goblets into the center of the fold and walked around with them that way, LOL.
    She had to fight the senior residents to get her cup cozies back from them. [​IMG]

    ~If payment is not received within one week of your commitment to purchase, the item will return to the open classifieds!~
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    I purchased five sets of these for Xmas gifts and myself. They are fabulous and very useful. Cynthia's craftsmanship is excellent and you will not be disappointed..
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    Thank you, Ladyhawk! It helps to get feedback from someone who actually has some and has used them. I appreciate it!

    Here is a photo of a mug mat/cup cozy in use with a large coffee mug (not one of those for sale in this ad)

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