Set some Cuckoo Marans eggs from ChickieLady today. Who's hatching with me?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Chicken Keith, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Chicken Keith

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    Using my overhauled Turn-X 7, with 17 BCM, CM and OE eggs due to hatch 30-31 March timeframe.
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    May 12, 2009
    Regina, SK
    I set 20 eggs in the early morning of yesterday (the 10th): 11 OEs, 3 CMs, 3 BCMs and 3 silver-laced cochins. 7 of them are in my Brinsea mini advance EX and the rest are in my Brinsea octagon advance EX. Looks like we've got a few of the same breeds!
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    Apr 2, 2010
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    There is another thread I posted on with people who have just started eggs in the past few days as well.

    On Friday I set:
    12 mixed backyard from a farm I passed while driving around, (looked like RIR, Australorps and Buff Orps, unknown roos)
    All also bought the following from a breeder:
    8 Cuckoo Marans,
    8 Columbian Wyandottes,
    2 Silver Laced Wyandottes.

    Total 30 eggs.
    I have just set them in my homemade incubator that has been sitting around for 11 years.

    They are at my sister's house for my nieces to hatch.[​IMG] So they will be keeping me updated. :)

  4. Chicken Keith

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    Hey everybody!

    I went into lockdown March 27th...the waiting, ...the tension is killing me.

    Who wants to have a drink with me while I wait this thing out??? How's your hatching going?
  5. Chicken Keith

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    Ok, the egg (Got CM/OE/BCM eggs from Chickielady on March 6th) that pipped last nite still has not emerged, we're about at 24 hours pipped. She's cheeping/breathing ok, and I cranked up the humidity in the bator. I'm not freaking out on her, she's breathing and cheeping and humidity is generous.

    MEANWHILE-- two chicks have hatched. First was a bare legged Cuckoo Maran. I named him Avis. Why Avis? because "He TRIES HARDER." Just like rental car company slogan. If Avis is a roo he may go into the pot at about 8 months, due to the bare leggedness, not decided yet. If Avis is a girl, she lives out her days on my 3 north Alabama acres known as Daltonbrook farm.

    Second was one of the two Olive Eggers. She has feathered feet...was surprised at that one. She may be bearded, just not sure I can tell too well.

    When Avis popped out of the egg she had a string of yolk attached to her tummy. It dried and fell off in due time. Avis and Olive are in the brooder now...INCREDIBLY social. Love my hand when I reach to stroke their little heads. When I leave they chirp loudly like, "WHERE the HECK DIDYA GO?????"

    Only one of the Blue Coppers has pipped, day 20. I think we're on schedule though. Avis pipped and hatched within 8 hours!
  6. Little brownhen

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    May 11, 2012
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