Setting eggs today 11/2/2012 Come hatch with me! :))


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I am starting my 2nd hatch
I just hatched 4 baby chicks for the first time ever and hoping to have the same if not better results for this round! Last round I had 5 out of 9 that were good but one out of the 5 suffocated before it could get out of shell! Anyone is welcome to join me in my 2nd adventure!
I'm setting my first hatch this weekend! I received my eggs today so I'm going to give them a few hours to settle and then I'm firing up the Genesis. Looking for my first hatch to be more of a learning experience since I know the hatch rate for shipped eggs can be iffy at best. Anyway, I'll be watching for your updates and enjoying the process in Indiana.
Well I wish you nothing but the best for your hatch!! I was soo nervous my first time (esp. when it came to hatching) But I must say it was the most amazing journey! My eggs were VERYYY porous and I've read threads that basically say porous eggs do very poor as far as hatch rate but I had %50 of my eggs to good! It was deff. a learning experience for me..the best advice I can give as a newbie esp. when it gets close to hatch time is "DON'T WORRY SO MUCH"
the chicks know what there doing and when they're ready they're ready! loll..if you ever need to ask a question don't hesitate I'll give you advice from my experience! I'll deff keep you updated and you do the same!
both of you, I will be setting Marans eggs tomorrow night also...Well I haven't stopped hatching since September...
I have 2 different hatch dates in my incubator right now.
Thank you "MSTRICER" I am very happy to now be a part of BYC! And I hope your hatch(s) go well! Can't wait to hear your updates! :)
Put the eggs in the bator around 7:00pm. Everyone looks pretty cozy so far. Temps and humidity are looking good. I received 2 shipments. First one is labeled Lavendar Orpintons and the other is labeled as Blue/Black/Splash Orpingtons. I think Blue and Lavendar are the same but I'm not sure. Hopefully, I'll have some success with this hatch. Good luck everyone. Looking forward to following your hatches as well.
Yay good luck little chickadees! I FINALLY got my temp to stabilize! and my humidity is running good(between 45-50%)so far i have 6 eggs and my grandparent-inlaws are supposed to be dropping more off in the am!
Yay already seeing developement I counted at least 8 and I didn't make it through all eggs gunna wait a few more days before I do my real count.. I have a total of 16 set!! :))

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