Setting my 1st eggs!!


9 Years
Apr 25, 2010
Central PA
Ok, so I'm going to put my first batch of eggs in the bator on Sunday. These are eggs I collected from my current flock (ISA Brown hybrid hens with a red sex-link roo) and the bator is homemade. I've never incubated eggs before, so this should be a learning experience if nothing else. This is a still-air unit with both analog and digital thermometers and a hygrometer. Based on a test run, I am able to keep the temp at about 101.5 with 45% humidity. I have heat sinks (water filled jars) in the bottom and plan on turning the eggs by hand. I'm thinking about putting the eggs in cartons with the bottoms cut out for lockdown. Anyone have any suggestions??


11 Years
Nov 25, 2009
During lockdown, I put shelf liner in the bator. This gives the chicks stability and it keeps the eggs from rolling(most of the time). Ohh I would STRONGLY recommend a fan; maybe an old computer fan? Anything to circulate the air. You only have to keep the temp at 99.5 degrees. SInce you are hand turning, you must open the bator multiple times a day. It will take a long time to get make to normal without a fan. Good luck with your first hatch!
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